Statement of Reasons

A Statement of Reasons (SOR) is the document an individual receives from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) if their security clearance has been denied or revoked.

The SOR will detail the specific reasons why the security clearance has been denied or revoked, advises the applicant of the right to respond with a written rebuttal, and notifies them of their right to a hearing.

While not the best of news, a SOR is not the end of all hope either. We can help.

A SOR does not mean that your security clearance will be denied forever or that it is immediately lost.

If you truly want your security clearance, then you should plan on responding to the Statement of Reasons, or requesting a hearing, carefully, completely, and promptly.

Statement of Reasons

Below are a few points to consider if you need when responding to a SOR…

Read and reread the SOR before responding
Make sure that you truly understand what the SOR is saying and why the security clearance was denied or suspended (financial considerations or foreign influence, for instance). You cannot effectively respond if you do not understand the reasons behind the denial.

Address each fact in the Statement of Reasons
The SOR will typically contain several specific reasons for clearance denial or revocation; make sure that your response includes the mitigating factors for each issue; including all pertinent documentation.

Set your emotions aside
Yes, this denial could potentially change your life and can be overwhelming; but, an emotional response to the SOR will not produce the results you are hoping for. Stick to the facts! Respond to the SOR with factual details, honesty, solid documentation, and written affidavits.

Respond promptly
Be sure to respond promptly, completely, and according to the requirements set forth in the SOR. Extensions are available upon special request but you with a good reason (i.e. deployed military personnel who may have difficulty gathering the appropriate documentation in time).

Most importantly, consult an attorney who specializes in security clearance and SORs
That is where we can help. We have extensive experience with security clearance law, helping individuals effectively respond to a Statement of Reasons, and helping others successfully achieve their security clearance.

We are here to help you understand and respond to your Statement of Reasons and work through any remaining steps in getting and maintaining your security clearance.

We provide legal resources, information, and referrals for security clearance services. CONTACT US today if you would like additional information, to be referred to an attorney in your area, or to request a referral for a consultation on your specific situation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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