SF 86 Applications

SF 86, or the Standard Form 86, is the United States form that you would complete in order to apply for and receive national security clearance. The government uses the information supplied in SF 86 to conduct background investigations and ongoing evaluations of persons under consideration for or retention of national security positions.

It should be noted that security clearance is not available to everyone. In order to obtain a security clearance, you must first obtain a job that requires one.

Security clearance is a highly specialized and difficult to maintain privilege but, a certain level of clearance, is required if you want to work as a government approved contractor, military personnel, holding political office, or working a particular government entity.

SF 86

The first step in the security clearance application will be the completion and submission of Standard Form 86. When completing the SF 86, individuals should expect to include the following information…

  • any colleges or universities attended over the past three years
  • an account of the last ten years of the individual’s employment
  • ties to foreign nationals and governments
  • overseas travel
  • a list of past residences
  • and more

It is a complicated and long application; but, a security clearance attorney can help you through the process!

As you are completing the SF 86 application, be completely honest; do not lie when answering direct questions and do no omit essential information. Make sure to be as accurate and detailed with your information as possible. Remember that failing to disclose information on the Standard Form 86 is a federal offense punishable with a five-year prison sentence for each individual omission.

In addition to your SF 86, and depending upon the level of secrecy required by the demands of the position you are applying for, you may need to…

  • complete a lie detector test
  • pass a special background investigation (SBI)
  • clear all criminal and financial background checks

Again, the form is long and involved; more than 100 pages long and full of intensive and detailed questions. We have extensive experience with security clearance law and helping individuals submit SF 86 forms and successfully achieving security clearance. We can help you successfully navigate the application process.

We provide legal resources, information, and referrals for security clearance services. CONTACT US today if you would like additional information, to be referred to an attorney in your area, or to request a referral for a consultation on your specific situation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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