JPAS Correction and Investigation

JPAS is also known as the Joint Personnel Adjudication System. This is the system, that as stated on the Defense Manpower Defense Center website, “serves as a master repository that performs comprehensive personnel security management of all DOD employees, military personnel, civilians and DOD contractors.”

This record, and any negative marks, can directly affect your potential for obtaining and maintaining a security clearance.

Federal employees, military personnel, and defense contractors are often surprised when they learn their JPAS record includes inaccurate or misleading information. Unfortunately, it only takes one “Incident Report” to revoke your security clearance and therefore essentially destroy your chances of career advancement or any future employment within the defense contracting industry.

JPAS Corrections

Your JPAS record holds the keys to your eligibility to obtain or maintain your security clearance. A JPAS Incident Report or other incorrect information will make you ineligible for many defense contractor or civilian government positions. You should know what is on your record!

Dufresne Law Firm can help you ensure that your JPAS record is accurate; and, if it is not, in deleting old or unwarranted information from your JPAS record as well as with the other components of the ongoing security clearance process.

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